Set up your business in Turku

The WFFC offers support to incoming new businesses in the form of office space, matchmaking and guidance. We also work hard to promote your business, ensuring you flourish and function as an integral part of the industry and our network.

Interested in relocating to the world’s most beautiful archipelago? We are here to help you every step of the way and make this an even greater film city together.

We also have a database of local professionals. If you are interested in joining or receiving more info, please contact us.

Why should you come to work in Turku?

The audiovisual industry in Finland is growing fast thanks to the new production incentive. Because of the 25% cash rebate the number of incoming productions is on the rise, and there are now plenty of business and job opportunities available. The region is also an excellent place to live, with highly regarding education (for its 40,000 students and great film school), social and professional benefits.