Regional financing

The West Finland Film Commission finances projects in the form of production support and services, which are based on local expenditure.

WFFC’s production support can be up to 12.5 % of local expenditure. 

Production support is negotiated case by case directly with the West Finland Film Commission. In addition to our financing, the commission also helps productions find private equity within the region.

To apply for WFFC’s regional production support, please send the treatment and/or the script, your production’s budget, and an estimation of the local expenditure in the Turku Region to

If you have received WFFC’s Production support, Please request the logos in needed colours and formats from

National production incentive

Productions that come to West Finland are also eligible to apply for the national production incentive, which is in the fast and simple form of a 25% cash rebate.

Feature Film Documentary TV Drama, Animation
Minimum expenditure in Finland (€) 350,000 350,000 350,000
Minimum total budget of the production (€) 2,500,000 600,000 9,500/minute

More financing

For more information on the production incentive, please visit

International co-productions are also eligible for production support from the Finnish Film Foundation when a Finnish co-producer is involved. For more information, please ​visit their website​.

Another useful link is ​IPR.VC, a venture investor focused on European media content.

Please contact us directly to learn more about regional financing opportunities the commission can offer.