Netflix’s show Restaurants on the Edge featuring Turku – production services from Turku-based Twisted Films

Visit the summer in Turku and the restaurant ’Ruissalon Maininki’ in the new episode of Netflix’s international show Restaurants on the edge. The new episodes of the show were released today, Friday 8th of May.

The show, produced by Marblemedia, includes three restaurant business experts, who renovate different kinds of restaurants all around the world. The restaurants all operate in stunning locations, and the show helps them to elevate their interior design and menus to match the location. In Turku, the restaurant in question was Ruissalon Maininki, located in a building from 1917 in the most beautiful Ruissalo island with a direct view to the Turku archipelago – one of world’s largest archipelagoes in the world with over 20 000 islands.

The episode was filmed in Turku last summer, during the magical time of ”nightless nights”. While filming in Finland, the production service company was found in Turku. Twisted Films is the biggest production company in the Turku region, and has gained a lot of experience  of working with international productions. The owner and producer of Twisted Films, Jupe Louhelainen, is also co-founder of a Turku-based production service company Film Service Finland, which operates nationwide and specialises in international film and TV productions.

Other places the show visits in the second season are Slovenia, Canada’s Muskoka and British Colombia, and USA’s Virgin Islands, Arizona and Hawaii.

West Finland Film Commission assisted the production with the filming of their Turku episode. The show found its way to Turku thanks to the long-span work of Visit Finland and Visit Turku. Turku was selected as a location also because of its prominence in Finland’s restaurant scene.

If you want to dive into the stunning summertime in Turku, tune in to Restaurants on the Edge season 2, episode 7, on Netflix.